Productief en toch gelukkig?

Productief en toch gelukkig?
1. Zijt NU gelukkig. In het NU zijn er geen problemen.
2. Gebruik je verstand, maar laat je verstand jou niet gebruiken. Neem er dus af en toe afstand van. Je verstand is niet je leven!
3. Plan uw productiviteit.
4. Geniet van kleine ‘overwinningen’
5. Pas de 80/20 regel toe
6. Laad uw batterijen op!
7. Is uw werk ook uw passie, meer energie!
8. Focus op wat je doet NU en werk in tijdblokken.
9. Geef afleidingen geen kans.
10. STOP. PAUSE en durf je zelf vragen, is dit wat ik nog altijd wil?


The case: Passion, Love v./ Effort, Mind


The Secret I learned from this case: For the ones that love to do what they do, there is no competition!
Do the things you do with real interest and passion. Focus on NOW. Don’t think, DO!
You will see how naturally your goals will be achieved. Those results will also be better than the ones obtained by a lot of effort and forcing of the mind.
Do the things you like and you are passionate about. They will bring you more JOY in life because you are also (naturally) better @ them.
Somebody who loves, takes risks, explores. Somebody who has to do a lot of effort, is afraid to take risks, is afraid to make mistakes.
Is forced to stay in control, to stay between the rules.
So who do you think will achieve ‘extra-ordinary’ results in Life?
by Stephan Doukhopelnikoff, personal-solo-attorney
18 may 2013