is de overkoepelende website van alle activiteiten van Mr. Stephan DOUKHOPELNIKOFF

advocaat, master in business law, negotiator

Stephan studied law at the Free University of Brussels, where he earned his degree with distinction in three years.
He specialized in financial and economics law in his final year.
Stephan also holds a masters-degree in business law from the University of Antwerp.

Stephan is fluent in Dutch,
English, and

Activities and Awards:  

1989: Winner, international pleading contest
1990: President, local political junior party Jong VLD
1992: Financial manager, Algiro Holding Ltd
1992: President, regional political junior party Jong VLD Limburg
1993: Board member, Willemsfonds Sint-Truiden, local cultural organization.
1997-2001: Board member, Junior Chamber International (JCI) Award, Limburg
1999: President, local JCI Chapter, JCI Haspengouw
2000-2003: President, VLD Sint-Truiden, local liberal party.
2004: District Officer, JCI Limburg
2004: JCI Senator 64. 632
2004: Founder, Legalscan.net
2005-2006: Negotiator, International Euro-African Communication Project
2011: TheOnlineBar  TheLawfarm

Family Background  
Stephan was raised in an international family. His father, Stefan Doukhopelnikoff, studied at the university in Antwerp, Belgium and Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He spoke six languages and was an economics advisor to countries trading with Eastern Europe. He later became secretary general of a private international organization. Stefan’s mother, Astrid Smets, worked in a family-owned company with offices in Belgium, France and Germany.Stefan’s grandfather, Boris Doukhopelnikoff, served the Tsar in the Don Cossack Army of Novocherkassk. In 1917, he escaped to Belgium during the Russian revolution. His father was married to Neonila Bondareva.

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